Bremelanotide for Men

Bremelanotide for Men is a drug which is also known as melanocortins, as it is receptor of it. It is used in the treatment of those who are suffering from low sexual desires. It treats both males and females. It is concerned with sexual dysfunction, so it also controls erectile dysfunction. In males, it treats erectile dysfunction.

The state of being agonizing, embarrassing, and difficult to traverse is erectile dysfunction. How to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship is not a misprision debate.Melanocortins are produced in the pituitary gland that is responsible for cognition, pigmentation, and sexual response in the human body.

It binds receptors located in CNS. Prior to the formation of Bremelanotide, it was seen that Melanotan II influence sexual function. It was reported in 1960. Bremelanotide and Melanotan II are the receptors of melanocortins.

Bremelanotide is developed after knowing the effects of Melanotan II. Melanotan II did not get wide acceptance because people experienced an uncontrollable delay in sexual response and the duration last long. Because of these crucial side effects, it was developed for better results. When it was not approved by FDA, it was only available in some parts of the World and online.

To improve sexual performance, limited number of men and women were using this. They get positive reports about it, but not all got the wanted desires. Some of them faced side effects too. The quality of non-prescribed medicine in the US is never guaranteed. Before the availability of regulated Bremelanotide, it was difficult to know it’s the stability and quality of the ingredients enlisted on the label is guaranteed or not. It is good to know that now it’s approved, and licensed pharmacies offer these peptides.

How Bremelanotide for men works?

Bremelanotide comes as liquid solution within a container. Scientifically known as PT-141 is a molecule binds to receptor of melanocortins and activates it. It is associated with skin pigmentation. Transitions in skin color are observed by its use. It is administered by subcutaneous injection. The injection is injected into the region where the fats are deposited. The most favorable form is injection. It is also administered by nasal sprays, through creams and oral pills, but this method does not show the effective results.

Effective dosage varies from person to person. 2mg is sometime enough amounts for both men and women. Keep in mind that this drug is not to treat other sexual matters associated with health problems. It only treats to enhance the sexual desire. If your doctor prescribed a certain amount you should not take it more or less than it. A device is made, that is prefilled automatic injection which is easy and more convenient to use. Do not share this injection with anyone. Discard used injection and keep it away from children. Consult your doctor before using it and ask for him how to discard the puncture resistant container after use.

The medications should be kept in container away from the light. To protect your children, you should take care and lock safety caps. Effect of these injections last up to seven hours to seventy two hours. It must be injected in stomach or thigh muscles. It can be administered in arms too.

Bremelanotide comes as liquid solution within a container

The instructions that must be kept in mind prior to the use:

If a person is allergic, he or she should not use Bremelanotide. Other major complications that are considered as risk factors for the candidates are:

  1. Heart disorders
  2. Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Disorders of liver.
  5. If a person is younger than 18, he or she should not use Bremelanotide.
  6. Pediatric
  7. Geriatric
  8. Allergies

Efficacy and safety are not known about the use of drug in pediatric population and geriatric. When you have heart disorders, this drug may enhance blood pressure and it can be fatal. Proper consultation is always a necessary matter to deal with any drug or medication.

Instructions that must be strictly followed

Side effects associated with the drug:

The misuse or the use of drug without proper consultation by a surgeon may cause side effects too. If you feel any allergic reaction you must go for medical help. The major symptoms are

  1. Severe nausea
  2. Slow heartbeat
  3. Allergic reaction.
  4. Difficult breathing
  5. Severe headache or high blood pressure.
  6. Vomiting
  7. Cough
  8. Tiredness and dizziness
  9. Pain and redness.
  10. Bleeding and numbness.

Side effects associated with the drug

As the Bremelanotide is somewhat similar to Melanotan || it may darken your skin tone. The skin color of breast and face are affected mostly. These skin changes are long lasting or may be permanent. When you stop taking these drugs, the skin conditions will remain same. It is not compulsory that patient get these side effects just, it may affect the patient differently.

The rarely occurring side effects of Bremelanotide for men are:

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Nervousness
  3. Pounding in the ears
  4. Fast heartbeat and sometime slow.

There are some incidents that are not known to everybody before use. It includes light colored stools, dark urine, general weakness and tiredness, abdominal pain at upper right corner. Sometimes, these side effects are permanent like skin color, otherwise they are easily cured.

Interaction of Drug with other medicines matters:

Interaction means connection of other necessary medications with Bremelanotide. If they react both with each other, the results can be worst. Some foods are also not like fast foods and Tobacco. If a patient is using other medicines specially; antibiotics, pain medicines, and naltrexone, then they should tell their doctor about all. Due to drug interaction with other medications, patient will suffer complications.

Instructions that must be strictly followed:

  1. Consultation with a specialist before drug consumption.
  2. If you overdose the medicine mistakenly, you should immediately consult doctor.
  3. For adults 1.75 mg is the standard amount given. Take this drug before 45 minutes of sexual activity.
  4. Never use these drugs if you have other health issues.
  5. Remember these drugs are not used for sexual complications that are the caused by health. They are only to make better sex.

Benefits of Bremelanotide for men:

If a person feels no interest in sexual activity, it’s okay; doesn’t get worry about it. According to the research 40% to 45% of the women and 16 to 18% of the men are suffering these complications. It occurs because of low libido. It is disgusting if you are not taking interest and the other person is getting irritate about it. It makes your relationship worse. You get problems while sex. You should not be worried because Bremelanotide is now approved by FDA technology. The benefits are:

  1. Improved performance and sexual desire. Confidence and self-esteem is retained.
  2. Better relationship with your partner
  3. Your partner will feel comfortable with you.
  4. You will get back to healthy sexual intercourse.
  5. Hormone therapies and other treatments affect you more.
  6. Reduce depression and stress.
  7. Better and healthier mood in sex.
  8. Enhance libido level
  9. Skin tanning and mood enhancement
  10. Elevated vigor
  11. Penile erections get strengthened.

Expense of Bremelanotide for men

The people having lack of desire and decreased sensation must go for these injections. If you left this untreated you will have relationship issues too. Reduced interest in sex may be the cause of emotional issues such as shame, embarrassment, anxiety and depression. If you have domestic issues and unbalanced diet, you will have difficulty in making sex with your partner. Inability to achieve orgasm and pain with intercourse are seen.

It is recommended that when you consult with your doctor you should tell him everything related to your medical history and diet. If you found allergic to any medicine or you are using permanent medicine related to any issue you should tell it briefly to your consultant. The patient should consult specialist to get the better results. If you don’t tell doctor about kidney, liver or heart disorder, then it will be fatal for you to take these medicines. Quality injections and proper dose matters a lot to get desired result.

We provide quality injection approved by FDA technology. Our consultants provide you chart of time table and dosage management. You will retain better sexual desire and increased libido for sure. By taking these injections you will feel more comfortable and relax during sexual activity. And when these things get better you will have better relationship with your partner. Your activity will enhance and increase libido makes better sensations. Our clinic is verified by FDA technology, you can trust for betterment of yourself. It will make you confident in front of your partner and others.