Peptide cycle for fat loss

If you are new to the field of bodybuilding and want to have a strong body then firstly you should know what are peptides? They are amino acids between the range of 2 to 50 linked by a peptide bond. It plays a vital role in the body’s structural element, as they are found in every tissue and cell of the body.

Why bodybuilders and obese take peptides?

More than 20 years ago, bodybuilders started to use peptides to gain a strong body and achieve good results. When you gain weight more than you should have and now you are trying to lose it with dieting and exercise, it is a long-term process to lose fat and these peptides can give you the best results in a short time. Our body stores an extra amount of sugar in the form of fat and an excess amount of fat is difficult to burn when our diet is carbohydrate dominant. Also with aging, growth hormones secretion started to decrease, that’s why the body started to gain weight. Fat not only affects your body’s structure but also heart health, muscle maintenance, exercise capacity, and metabolism.
If you don’t want to try peptide then fasting, trauma, excitements, stress, unlimited exercise, low blood glucose, deficiency of protein, and production of low fatty acids are your future. It depends on you either you want happy or miserable life.

Why bodybuilders and obese take peptides

Why use peptide?

Peptides are not the real alternatives to exercise and diet but you can achieve the best results in a short period. You can add them to your daily routine and there is no need to skip other life factors. Peptides will work when you carry out your daily routine, when you eat, sleep or rest. So, you have the right to eat whatever you want, meanwhile use peptides to look attractive.

Why use peptide

Here is the list of best peptides recommended by medical specialists to lose fat.


When you are trying to lose weight by using MOTS-c which is beneficial to not only regulate blood sugar level and also insulin sensitivity. It is a mitochondrial-derived peptide, as we know that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. So MOTS-c is associated with insulin resistance improvement in obese patients. It improves metabolic standpoint and helps to lose weight. It is also associated with the improvement of energy, so you can use it for fatigue, enhance muscle repair, and protect you from obesity. To live longer exercise is beneficial for a healthy life but MOTS-C enables you to lose weight without moving your body much. It is used in the form of injections and used once in the week. Other than weight loss it can also provide you neuroprotection, produce energy, improve AMPK, and NAD+ because they are usually concerned with metabolism. So it does not have only one benefit but it multifunctional.


Tesamorelin is not new to this world, it has been used under a brand name Egrifta for not only weight loss but also to reduce visceral adiposity and it also has positive impacts on insulin resistance. However, its main focus is to reduce the weight of the obese patient by increasing cognitive function. You don’t have to waste time by just exercising and taking an awful diet, take these peptides and get the results that you want. Tesamorelin is not just suggested by therapists but also FDA (food and drug administration) approved it. fat can be collected around the belly, in the breasts of men and women, buffalo hump. In the belly, it can penetrate deeply which is also dangerous for human health. It does not affect blood glucose levels and is also well tolerated.
Researchers said that “these benefits occurred without any significant increases in gluscose or insulin levels, a major concern for any strategy to augment (growth hormone) secretion in the HIV population”
Lisa Hamilton who was the trial participant of Tesamorelin therapy said “adhering to this medicaoitn regimen was easy” “Given the opportunity, I would stay on tesamorelin for life.” she added about the treatment that “improved my quality of life so much, and the physical and psychological burdens (of lipohypertrophy) were lifted”


It is a fat-burning formula that’s gaining a ton of traction in the bodybuilding world of late. If you have enough growth hormone in your body then it does not mean obesity cannot to be there. Many people take hormone growth injections but it can cause insulin resistance. Then the body has to produce more insulin which puts pressure on the pancreas. When the body stops producing insulin due to this stress, then health issues started to grow. For bodybuilding peptides are the best to keep your weight in the normal range and it is best for obese patients.
AOD enhances the capacity of the pituitary gland and other hormones release which increases metabolism. Then you can lose weight in a short period which you can’t lose with a high level of diet and exercise.

CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin

When these two peptides are used together, they not only decrease your weight but also act as a great activator for the anti-aging. CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin increase the production of growth hormone. Firstly ipamorelin was used by athletes to give their best performance and for the intestinal treatment. Nowadays these peptides are also great for weight loss because they don’t have many side effects and you can lose weight faster than prior generations. They have multiple benefits like;

* Enhance strength & muscle mass
* Improve mental and physical performance
* Increase density of bones & immune function
* Enhance metabolism of the body
* Improve sleep quality
* Increase hormone growth for the long period
* Enhance energy
It means with the weight loss CJC and Ipamorelin both have great benefits. In this society man and women both want the best physique to look attractive and to look beautiful, that’s why peptides are the best means to get what you want.

Sermorelin & GHRP-2:

Firstly these two peptides were used separately but then with the emergence of a new era, people want more benefits quickly. Sermorelin & GHRP-2, when used combine, they give powerful results. For the anti-aging and obesity treatment, their dosage changes from patient to patient but enhances the functioning of the brain and improves the vision of patients. Wounds started to heal quickly when you use these peptides and your skin quality will be increased. Sermorelin has been the most powerful peptide among other peptides and when it is combined with GHRP-2, their function improved.


After a long interval of exercise and dieting, you will get 2% results and it is not acceptable. When you use tesofensine with the diet then it gives a better result, so you can continue your diet and use this peptide to get the results that you want. It is specially used for the treatment of obesity and developed by a Danish biotechnology company. Firstly Other than obesity it was also used for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. In 2019 it was stopped for these treatments and their main focus is obesity now. In the trials, it was observed that people get the results that they want in just 6 months. People observe that after 1mg dosage they lose 12.8kg which is a huge gain for them.

Usage of peptides beside fat loss:

As we have discussed how these peptides work like they enable the pituitary gland to release more HGH in the bloodstream and then how they affect insulin production. These peptides however use to lose weight but also they have other medical benefits. AOD9604 can be used for the treatment of joint, muscle, and cartilage treatment, and also they affect mood, sleep, bone density, body composition, and immune function.

Dosage range:

While keeping in mind the short and long-term goals, dosing is adjusted and also you need proper guidance to set the range. Here we will discuss the dosage;
* Ipamorelin: its dosage must be between 100-500 mcg if it is being used alone
* AOD9604: range should be between 300mcg to 100 mg, further contact to practitioner because he can guide you better than anyone
* Tesamorelin: it should not exceed more than 2 mg. initially start with 1 mg
* CJC 1925: 2mg
* GHRP-6: its range should be between 100 to 500 mcg
* Tesofenine: 1 mg

Dosage range of peptide